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TUTORIALS for ensuring your Results get CERTIFIED

Virtual Track & Field Tutorials

ATHGENICS Video Certified Timing

John Arlt
ATHGENICS Video Certified Timing
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ATHGENICS Video Certified Timing

ATHGENICS Video Certified Timing

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ATHGENICS Video Certified Measurement

ATHGENICS Video Certified Measurement

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Meet Registration and Competition Quick Guide

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Be sure you have downloaded the latest                                            video based timing app if you have not already.


  4. Choose a meet you want to compete in and VIEW DIVISIONS.

  5. Scroll down to a Division and then click on "VIEW EVENTS"

  6. ​You will need to scroll down to see the list of EVENTS, then simply REGISTER for one or more EVENTS.

  7. You will get an ENTRY CODE for each event (REMEMBER THESE, or copy) for video submission, use the code with the Seconds Count app when you are ready to record your event.

  8. Prior to your event, open the app and click on the 3 menu bars in the top left corner, select EVENT CHECK-IN and input the Code.

  9. You are ready to record your performance, be sure to follow the CERTIFICATION GUIDELINES when recording so your results will be certified.

  10. Set the START and FINISH markers, your video saves automatically.  Go to your saved videos in the app, click on the 3 dots and select Upload.  The Cloud icon will turn green with a check mark when your video is successfully uploaded.

  11. Check the RESULTS (your video will be certified soon), and compete again.

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